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Everything you need to know about getting married in Puerto Rico

Our FAQs will tell you everything you need to know about getting married in Puerto Rico. If you need more information, our certified wedding planners and coordinators are on hand to answer questions about our comprehensive wedding packages, wedding venues, event catering and exclusive bridal services.

How much does the hotel charge for the banquet rooms?

There is no cost for the banquet rooms. All of our banquet rooms have a minimum consumption in Food & Beverage. You have to consume that amount in order for the room to be "free". If you don't meet the minimum consumption, the difference between the food and beverage and the minimum will be charged as a room rental fee.

What is included with the signed contract?

The hotel includes at no additional cost: 60" round tables, upholstered burgundy chairs, ivory linen and napkins.

Will there be other events going on the same day of my wedding?

At the moment a contract is signed, the banquet room will be blocked for the entire day. If we have other events that day, they will be at other areas and banquet venues.

For how long do I have the room?

The event has a maximum of 6 hours. The hours start counting when we start serving food and beverage. If you wish to have an additional hour the cost is $750.00 per hour.

What is the latest I can start my event?

The latest you can start your event is 8:00PM.

Can I have my event at the interior courtyard?

Yes, the minimum consumption that would apply is the one that applies for Salon Campeche, since this will be the back-up room in case of rain. The maximum capacity for all 3 events (ceremony, cocktail and reception) 100 guests. For ceremonies with more than 100 guests, we may offer outdoor venues near by the hotel. Please contact us for further information.

Can I have music in the interior courtyard?

Yes, music is permitted until 10:00PM.

What is included in the ceremony fee?

The ceremony fee includes the cleanup of the ceremony location, the set up and turned down of the rented chairs and a back-up room in case of rain.

Why do I need to rent chairs for the ceremony?

The chairs provided by the hotel are upholstered and cannot be used for outdoor events. The ceremony chairs can be rented through the hotel or through your decorator.

What is the cake cutting fee?

The cake cutting is an additional service provided by the hotel for the cutting and serving of the wedding cake.

What does the 23% Banquet Administration Fee include?

The 23% Banquet Administration Fee includes all the services of your Catering and Banquet Manager, wait staff, bartenders, set up, clean up, among others. This percentage is not negotiable.

How many waiters and bartenders will I have at my event?

We provide 1 waiter for every 20 guests. We also provide a bartender for every 60 guests. The Banquet Manager is present at all banquet functions.

Can we make modifications to your menus?

We are open to changes and our Chef is flexible in terms of modifying the menu. We can prepare a personalized menu just for your event. Prices may change depending on the changes requested.

How can we work out the bar for our event?

We offer 3 options for the bar: by the hour, by bottle or by consumption. Depending on the size of your group, your catering manager may recommend which option will be better for your event.

Do I have to compromise on food and beverage with the signed contract?

No, you compromise on a minimum consumption, but you can make changes to food and beverage up to 14 days prior the wedding date. This includes menus, bar selection and final guarantee.

When would be a good time to have our food tasting?

Food tasting is exclusively for weddings with sit down dinner menus. The same is complimentary for two (3) people for weddings with 50 or more guests. It may be scheduled from Monday to Friday at 12:00pm – 4:00pm, upon availability. The food tasting should be as closer to the wedding date as possible (1 to 2 months before). Food tasting must be scheduled and confirmed with your catering manager at least two (2) weeks prior to the date requested. Food Tasting is provided with two different choices of each dinner course.