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Ways to entertain

Weddings are all about bringing friends and family together to celebrate your special day, no matter how formal or casual they are, they all have an itinerary. For guests, the best moments are witnessing the ceremony, enjoying the meal and then hitting the dance floor. But what other fun and creative segments of the wedding can you offer your guests?

Keep the party going with these entertaining ideas!

Maybe start off with a Cigar Roller at the cocktail hour and offer the gentlemen a moment just for them, while the ladies mingle over cocktails.


Or even vendor stations, like for example, create your own perfume station for the female guests of the wedding; were they go and have the vendor mix some aromas at the moment and your guests leave with their own fragrance.


Hire a Caricature Artist

caricature artist

Photobooth are always fun


Pleneros – Puerto Rican bomba and plena music.


Make a Time Capsule, read your guests best wishes and advice, on your one year anniversary.


All time favorite – Sparklers and Paper Lanterns

sparklers and paper lanterns



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