Make a Statement!

Every bride wants their wedding to be unforgettable. Give your guest something to talk about… like your wedding bouquet!

If you want to try something different and truly stand out, skip the flowers and go for something unique. More brides are getting into this new trend of unconventional bouquets. Be creative! You can make them out of brooches, feathers, buttons, pearls, crystals, paper, or other creative items that expresses your own style. An alternative bouquet is worth considering and may even make more of an impression than the traditional arrangement of flowers and could get them for only a fraction of the cost, which as we all know flowers are a big part of any wedding budget.

Be inspired by these fun and non- traditional bouquets.

Brooches                                                                                                      Cotton

brooch and cotton

Sea Shells                                                                                                               Pine Cones

sea shells and pine cones

Pearls                                                                                                                      Berries

pearls and berries

Crystals                                                                                                                            Paper

crystals and paper

Wheat                                                                                                                          Feathers

wheat and feathers

Take an unexpected and personalized approach with this idea and let your imagination run wild as you consider anything that can be bundled into a bouquet shape and carried down the aisle.



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