Hot Trend! Groom’s Cake

We all know weddings are all about the bride, but nowadays we see grooms more involved by adding their little touches to the wedding experience. And what better way to honor the groom than by having a “groom’s cake” that shows off his personality!

We are noticing more and more grooms having fun with this idea! A current creative trend is to have the cake reflect the groom’s interests and hobbies.  At times these are made out of chocolate or even infused in alcohol; anything that serves as a direct contrast to the traditional wedding cake.

Like this football inspired cake we recently had at Salón Martorell.


According to legend and superstition, if an unmarried woman took home a slice of the groom’s cake and slept with it under her pillow that night, she would dream of the man whom she will be spending the rest of her life with.

Regardless of whether or not the superstition holds any truth, the tradition is coming back…

Share with us which classic traditions you would like to have on your wedding day!




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