Top Reasons to Get Married at El Convento

  1. Hotel El Convento is located in Old San Juan, a quaint city that offers the possibility of being transported in time without having to suppress the comforts of today.
  2. It is surrounded by a colonial town whose architecture has a memorable cultural background to serve as a starting point for future conversations. Cobblestones streets and buildings dating back to the XVI Century are worth admiring and are the perfect backdrop for wonderful pictures.
  3. One of the most monumental buildings is the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, located across the street from Hotel El Convento, whose Spanish architecture invites you without having to be a believer. The stained glass windows, statues and especially its high ceilings, domes covering it possible not only transported to the era of conquests but to other parts of Europe.
  4. The oldest areas of Old San Juan remain partly surrounded by massive walls and fortifications. Some, such as Fort San Felipe del Morro, Fort San Cristóbal and the Palacio de Santa Catalina (also known as La Fortaleza), served as the primary defense of the city that was subject to numerous attacks time of colonization and now various can serve as your venue for a wonderful wedding ceremony.
  5. One of its most important hotels in San Juan is the 360 year old Hotel El Convento. Built in 1646 as a Carmelite convent, opened in 1651, and turned into a hotel in 1959, Hotel El Convento is the only Small Luxury Hotel of the World Member in Puerto Rico and the oldest member of the Historic Hotels of America.
  6. If romance is what you're looking for then the spectacular views from the forts and the streets to the docks will charm you. A stroll around Cristo Street is enough to make anyone fall in love.
  7. More than a legend was created around this city. History is just around the corner waiting for you to discover it and start your new history as a couple.
  8. While there are romantic places, culture and gastronomy, nightlife is one of the strengths of this city. The streets are crowded with people from all over the globe, with the same idea in mind: fun. Restaurants offer a variety of drinks and food in every corner and for every taste bud giving your guests the perfect resort for their vacation.
  9. In the grounds of Castillo San Felipe del Morro you can be relived your childhood while flying a kite and enjoy a traditional ice cone called piragua.
  10. And most important, all of this enchantment is possible without leaving the United States. No passport is required and your marriage will be as legal as if it was in any of the 50 states.
There are a thousand and one reasons why it would not only be romantic and fun to get married at Hotel El Convento but its more than that. It is a complete experience that can create memorable stories that will last a lifetime.
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